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Create a Winning Resubmission Application for NIH

The NIH rejects most grant applications the first time around. In fact, the estimated initial rejection rate is 75 percent to 90 percent. Fortunately, most NIH institutes encourage resubmissions, and an estimated 35 percent of resubmitted applications get funded. The trick is revising your application in a way that improves your chances for success.

Inside this special report, you will find expert advice for:

  • Deciding if you should revise and resubmit (pg. 5)
  • Revising your problem and approach (pg. 6)
  • Compensating for shortcomings (pg. 8)
  • Correcting confusing or unrealistic budget requests (pg. 11)
  • And More!

Limited-Time Offer: Purchase this Special Report in digital (PDF) format at the special rate of $79 (reg. price $159). For a print version, please add $20 more.

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