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Key Staff

Leslie C. Norins, M.D., Ph.D.
CEO and Chairman

Leslie has over 35 years of experience in science publishing. He has conceived and developed more than 80 newsletters on various topics serving professionals.

Before that, Leslie's earliest interests were in research. He received his B.A. from Johns Hopkins University, and his M.D. from Duke University Medical School.

He then gained his Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne (Australia), where he was one of the last postdoctoral fellows of Sir Macfarlane Burnet, the Nobel Laureate in immunology.

Leslie then directed a major laboratory at the Centers for Disease Control for several years. He is a Fellow of the Infectious Disease Society, has published 20 scientific papers, and has served on committees of the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization.

Leslie has served on the Board of Directors of the Specialized Information Publishers Association, and has twice been the keynote speaker at its national convention. In 2002, he was inducted into the organization’s Publishers Hall of Fame.

Ann “Rainey” Norins
Vice Chairman

Rainey has a 21-year successful track record in newsletter publishing, which she undertook upon meeting Dr. Leslie Norins in 1990 and becoming his business, and life, partner.

A native of Baton Rouge, Rainey attended Louisiana State University. She then had a career in construction and real estate, before entering the publishing field.

In addition, Rainey is co-founder of the Naples (FL) chapter of the National Council of The Jackson Laboratory.

Lacy Gaskins

Lacy previously directed an educational conference planning and production unit for a major medical publishing company. Her group presented more than 200 regional and national events for professional audiences, including in-person educational seminars and training sessions.

Prior to her publishing posts, Lacy held national sales and conference positions with the Ritz Carlton and Starwood corporations in the hospitality industry.

Bill Streight
Sales and Operations Director

Bill has over 25 years’ experience in sales and operations. During his career he has served as Director of Sales at fortune 500 companies such as Office Depot, PC Connection and Genicom’s’ ESSC division. He has managed call centers in the United States, India and the Philippines. Most recently Bill has directed the sales and operations for a major medical publisher.

Bob Magrath
Education Specialist

Bob brings his many years of sales and management experience to PIA to develop broader educational relationships among established and new accounts. His recent five years in the medical sales and customer service field allow him to address both current and future accounts. Previously, Bob was in upper management and sales for Hilton Hotel Corp.

Chris Owens
Editorial Director

Chris has worked as a professional writer and editor for nearly 20 years. He recently served as the director of online training for a medical consulting firm in Atlanta. There, he created online multi-course curricula directed at educating physicians and their staffs regarding how to compliantly document and report medical services and procedures.

In addition, for national and international audiences of healthcare and other professionals, he has written newsletters, books, manuals and other educational materials covering medical, regulatory, legislative and policy topics at both the federal and state levels.

Edward Childs
Data Analyst

Ed is responsible for data processing and managing PIA’s fulfillment software. When he’s not busy keeping our subscribers’ orders up to date, he helps the sales teams and supplies updated reports company-wide. Ed prides himself on providing accurate data so that key decision-makers have everything they need to orchestrate PIA’s continued success.

Currently continuing his education for data management, Ed hopes to eventually pursue a degree in business management and culinary arts.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer lends several years of editorial experience to helping create and refine PIA’s newsletters. She has spent the last few years as a medical writer and editor. In her last position, she helped launch and expand a news website targeted to physician/researchers. Jennifer has also served as a reporter and copyeditor at two mid-size newspapers.

Kristen Olson
Virtual Conference Manager

Kristen is responsible for managing and operating PIA’s Webinar process, which involves everything from acquiring top research presenters, moderating the events and other operational aspects to attendee support to administrative tasks. She previously performed client database administration and data research and analysis.

Her prior experience at a Naples, Fla.-based publishing company included four years planning education training and conferences. This included organizing and coordinating study course conferences for certification, tracking attendees and financial return on investment, processing orders and payments, generating reports, and providing customer service.

Sharonda Thompson
Senior Education Specialist

As the Principal Investigators Association’s Senior Education Specialist, Sharonda seeks to educate each member and customer regarding the organization’s products, as well as successfully handle any inquiries and complaints and provide outstanding general customer support. With an Associates in Science degree, Sharonda offers 12 years of customer service and relations experience in the technical and medical fields. With her recent past employer, she progressively shouldered increasing responsibility within the customer support department. Originally from Miami, Sharonda arrived in Naples, Fla., in 2003 after several years in New York.

Zach Price
Advertising Sales Manager

With over 12 years of experience, Zach is responsible for leading advertising sales. Zach’s experience includes sales, product management, and leadership experience with both small and large companies. Zach’s prior experience also includes building and managing relationships with executives from multi-national organizations primarily in the technology, medical, and manufacturing markets.

Mariangela Ruiz
Marketing Manager

Mariangela currently oversees direct marketing activities for PIA’s newsletters and reports business units. She has over 8 years of marketing and event management experience, including business development, market research, demographic profiling, lead generation, event planning, copywriting, and graphic design among others.

Prior to joining PIA, she served as marketing director for a medical publishing and events company for 5 years. During this time she worked closely with sales and direct marketing teams in the US, India and the Philippines.

Originally from Peru, she moved to Naples, FL in 1992.