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Shared Instrumentation Grants: The Secrets to S10 Success

In times of economic hardship, securing the financing for expensive research equipment is vital to your project. This is where NIH’s S10 grants play their most significant role. But if you fail to comply with its specific set of guidelines and requirements, your medical research could suffer serious setbacks — including being put on hold for a year or more!

Submit a winning S10 grant application by following the expert guidance found inside PIA's latest special report, Shared Instrumentation Grants: The Secrets to S10 Success.

Must-have, step-by-step expert guidance includes:

  • Assemble All the Necessary Elements to Avoid Rejection (pg. 5)
  • Instrument Plan Requirements: Pay Special Attention to the Need Justification (pg. 7)
  • Recruit Major Users and Demonstrate Technical Expertise (pg. 10)
  • Show Institutional Support (pg. 13)
  • And More!

Limited-Time Offer: Purchase this Special Report in digital (PDF) format at the special rate of $99 (reg. price $199).

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