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How do you go from a discovery in your laboratory to intellectual property (IP) on a balance sheet? It’s trickier than many would guess. A scientist might assume something isn’t IP when it very well might be, or just the reverse. 

If you are concerned about creating and protecting IP, this 55+ pg. Special Report — “Intellectual Property & Patents: Vital Facts Every PI Needs to Know” — is a treasure chest of tips, tactics and advice you simply can’t ignore.

Get answers to these every day questions, among others:

  • Who Owns the Data Collected by a PI Over Many Years?
  • Can PI Win Co-Author Credit Based on Ignored Verbal Agreement?
  • My Electronic Data: Is It Credible Enough to Serve as Proof of Invention?
  • It’s My Invention; Shouldn’t My Name Go on the Patent Application?
  • Can a Social Media Message Be “Disclosure” That Torpedos Your Patent Application?, And many more!

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And now you can get this 55+ pg. Special Report for of only $79 for the PDF version (reg. price $199). A print version is only $20 more.

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