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Time Management Toolkit for Scientists
Think about this: By gaining 1 extra hour each day, you will add up to 6 extra weeks of productive working time a year…

Scientists rank time management as one of their top concerns inside and outside the lab, and they agree that this skill is critical to their success. With this Time Management Toolkit for Scientists, you gain an instant resource, packed with time management how-to advice and best practices you can implement right away.

Conquer the time wasters that are slowing you down and make every minute count. Plus! You can train your entire team for one low rate.

Live or On-Demand Webinar Time Management for Researchers: Getting Your Time Organized and Keeping It That Way! (a $299 value)

We all have only 24 hours in a day and must make the most of each minute. Managing multiple priorities in the time available while keeping our balance regarding personal goals and commitments is a challenge every busy researcher faces. Sometimes those who have a significant research contribution in the lab also have competing priorities and commitments.

During this 2-hour live Webinar, your expert presenter provides key concepts and practical suggestions and tips to make effective use of every minute of the day. Several time-management strategies, such as how to manage a meeting agenda or a time-wasting boss, will be described and illustrated. Practical approaches to assess the time management challenges will also be shared as well as what can be done about them. Conquer the time wasters that are slowing you down and make every minute count!

Key Take-Aways:

  • How to develop and keep a flexible schedule
  • How to build meeting agendas, assign action items and follow through
  • How to delegate and to whom
  • Defining priorities and following through to keep your research moving
  • Recognizing and overcoming productivity blocks
  • Learning how to set SMART objectives and then planning around them
  • How to identify and eliminate time wasters

Who Should Attend:

All who must schedule resources, personnel and assets, throughout the day or week. PIs, post-docs, and graduate students would benefit from learning how best to manage their time and multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment.

Format: This 2-hr on-demand webinar is available in CD, MP4 or PDF Transcript.

  Time Management Report Special Report: Making Every Minute Count: How PIs Can Fit 28 Hours Into a 24 Hour Day
(a $199 value)

You are pulled in all directions from finishing an experiment to writing test questions to mentoring a postdoc.

How often do you find yourself running out of time? Weekly, daily, hourly? For most busy scientists, it seems there is never enough time in the day.

Time management is critical to the success of any investigator. You must manage your lab, write grant applications and do research — all in the same day.

Take the first step and get this easy-to-read time management survival guide with over 45 pages of the valuable methods and expert tips to gaining control over your day.

Conquer the time wasters that are slowing you down and make every minute count.

Become a master of these skills and say goodbye to being stretched too thin:

  • Managing multiple priorities
  • Turn every 24 hour day into 28 hour day by getting more done
  • Identify and eliminate time wasters
  • Recognizing and overcoming productivity blocks
  • Defragment your day by overcoming the disorganization
  • Define priorities and follow through to keep research moving
  • Learn time saving “to do” list techniques
  • Tips on brainstorming for time saving ideas – how to get your team involved

This 45-pg report comes in digital (PDF) format.




On-Demand Webinar On-Demand
Webinar: The Art of Delegating: Creating
a More Productive Laboratory Environment

($197 value)

PIs who are passionate about their work commonly feel “possessive” of it. Especially if they feel close to a breakthrough or see it as their career’s greatest accomplishment. After all, “If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself,” correct? Unfortunately, taking on too many tasks alone can undo all the research progress your team could be making. Managing the lab. Training the staff. Performing experiments. Finishing manuscripts. Applying for grants. It’s more than one person can handle. If you’re one of those PIs who holds onto the lion’s share of responsibilities, you may need to explore the benefits of “letting go.”.

In this insightful Webinar, you’ll learn the key to successful delegation, including the necessity of patience, trial and error. Done effectively, delegating not only frees you to complete other tasks, but also gives your team members the autonomy they need to challenge themselves. You’ll learn the art of assigning responsibilities, what tasks to hand off and methods for effectively turning over jobs to a highly skilled scientific team. You’ll also discover when not to delegate and how to avoid an undesirable outcome.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • The ability to delegate demonstrates effective leadership.
  • Allocating responsibilities results in higher productivity.
  • Handing over tasks is critical for managing talented people in a lab environment.
  • Most science professionals crave challenges and more autonomy.
  • Letting go slowly will improve your management skills.

Format: This 60-minute on-demand webinar is available in CD, MP4 or PDF Transcript.

  Rearch Lab Management Report Special Report: Research Lab Management Challenges and Solutions
($129 value)

Lab management challenges can come in many forms — from disruptive and manipulating staff to slow performers and low productivity. Yet in many cases, your own management style could be the culprit behind an unhappy team — without you realizing it.

As a PI, identifying potential problems in your lab early on is only half the battle. Knowing how to handle these challenges and having the tools necessary to properly resolve them can make all the difference.

Learn everything you need to know about supervising, motivating and addressing various lab management issues in PIA’s latest special report “Research Lab Management Challenges and Solutions.”

Get answers to these every day lab management questions, among others:

  • How can I address dysfunction and consistently run a productive lab with a happy staff?
  • Is my management style intimidating my staff?
  • If everyone’s quietly doing their job and there are no apparent conflicts, everything’s fine. Right?
  • One of my talented post-docs has an answer for everything – how can I get through to him?
  • Two of my staff members are “avoiding” each other; how can I resolve this problem?
  • What’s the best way to effectively handle a “manipulator”?
  • And much more!

Format: This 24-pg. report is available in digital (PDF) format.


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The art of delegating goes hand-in-hand with the art of leadership. If you can master the art of delegating, you’ll achieve greater success in your lab, as well as personal career success. Further, you’ll help your lab workers reach greater successes in their own careers.

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