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NIH Career Development Awards: Taking Your Research Career to New Heights

NIH Career Awards foster the independence of promising new investigators by providing mentorship, salary support, and protected time to develop a research program.

There are various types of transitional Career Development mechanisms. The most commonly awarded K’s are the K08 (Mentored Clinical Scientist Developmental Award), K23 (Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award), and K01 (Mentored Research Scientist Development Award), but there are many to choose from the K01 to the K99/R00 as well as the F32 and F33.

During this educational pack, your expert presenters dig into the different NIH training and career development programs, discuss what programs are tailored to specific individuals during their career, and provide an overview of how to write a competitive award. Walk away with tactics you can implement right away and take your career to new heights.

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Your Educational Pack Includes:

Available in CD, MP4 or PDF Transcript On-Demand Webinar: NIH Career Development
Awards: Which Mechanism is
Right for You?

1-Hour On-Demand Webinar. Available in CD, MP4 or PDF Transcript.

The NIH Career Development Awards provide protected time for research and career development for investigators in the biomedical, behavioral, or clinical sciences. These awards have a common goal: to help develop highly trained, independent research scientists.

Deciding on the correct mechanism for you will be influenced by many factors, including whether you have a research or health professional degree and whether you have had any previous federal funding among others. Unlike other NIH grants, K awards usually have a higher success rate. This is good news for you, therefore deciding on the correct mechanism from the start is key.

During this information-packed Webinar, your expert presenter will detail the major types of awards for basic researchers as well as clinical, offer techniques for deciding if a particular mechanism is right for you, and shine some light on your funding chances in comparison to an R01. You will learn how each of these awards are individualized, why choosing the correct training mentor is vital and much more!

5 Key Webinar Take-Aways:

  1. Deciding if a particular mechanism is right for you
  2. Determining what the training program should say
  3. Determining what your mentor or mentors should provide
  4. Techniques to get buy in/cooperation from mentors
  5. Techniques to make your application stand out from others

Who Should Attend:

Those who wonder if this is a good mechanism or administrators who might want to suggest this mechanism to promising young investigators.

Presented by: Dorothy Lewis, PhD


Available in CD, MP4 or PDF Transcript On-Demand Webinar: NIH Career Development (K) Awards: Taking Your
Research Career to
New Heights

2.5-Hour On-Demand Webinar. Available in CD, MP4 or PDF Transcript.

Career Development Awards (K awards) are one of the most successful NIH programs that have helped launched many productive investigator careers. Over the past 5 years, K award funding has steadily increased NIH-wide, and in 2011, overall K award success rates were 35% across all institutes. However, many investigators often miss funding opportunities because they are not aware of the kinds of career awards available to them and what’s expected of the trainee in securing an award.

Researchers who receive K awards have longer careers as principal investigators and are more likely to lead center grants, program project grants, and training grants. Recipients of K awards are also more likely to direct large research projects, and publish more and higher quality articles than either unsuccessful applicants for K awards or R01 recipients at the same career stage who did not receive career development support.

Despite this, evidence shows that many promising candidates that would qualify for a career award and their mentors are often unaware of how the program and mechanism works and the strategies to write a compelling and successful career development award.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  1. Understanding what a Career Award (K) is, and is not
  2. Understanding the differences between the many types of K’s and what’s appropriate for the candidate in their stage of research
  3. What goes into the K award, step by step
  4. How to optimize the message in a K award with NIH expectations
  5. K Award writing strategies and tips from K award recipients and from the NIH

Who Should Attend:

Anyone interested in a career in academic medicine and interested in an NIH Career Award–postdocs, junior faculty, students.

Presented by: Christopher Dant, PhD

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