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As you consider publishing, when is not nearly as important as why, experts say. You should always publish promptly, of course, and there may be rare extenuating circumstances when you must publish before you feel you’re fully ready. But experts generally agree that the decision on when to get your results into print should be driven by the science — not simply your desire to see your name in the high-end journals as often as possible.

For this special report, our editors have selected for you the most helpful authorship-related items that appeared in the pages of Principal Investigator Advisor monthly newsletter and PI eAlert weekly ezine. This unique assembly is a treasure chest of tips, tactics and advice for any investigator concerned with author order, publishing and plagiarism.

Find answers to these every day questions:

  • Are You Ready to Publish? Factors to Help You Decide (pg. 4)
  • How Many Papers Should a PI Publish Each Year? (pg. 6)
  • What to Do About Unwanted Inclusion as a Co-Author? (pg. 12)
  • What’s the Dividing Line Between ‘‘Fair Use’’ and Plagiarism? (pg. 22)
  • And More!

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