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How to Compose a Perfect Data Management

Plan for NIH and NSF Grants

Instructional Pack: Executive Report + 60-Min. On-Demand Webinar 

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Data management plans have become an increasingly crucial part of your NIH and NSF grant proposals, sparking tension headaches among researchers everywhere. Further, the NSF recently ratcheted up its requirements with a new set of mandates for data management plans. But what should a data management plan include?

Inside this instructional pack you will find the five essential elements to a thorough data management plan, and expert, step-by-step guidance so your plan meets all important NIH and NSF requirements. It includes:


Executive Report — Winning
NIH/NSF Grants: How to Compose a Perfect Data Management Plan
(a $199 value)

Instead of looking at your data management plan as a necessary evil to nab that NSF or NIH grant funding, take a different viewpoint. Developing your data management plan should get you thinking about all the various ways you can archive and disseminate your research to the world.

Inside this 20+-pg. special report, you will find
answers for:

  • Understanding What Counts As ‘Data’
  • Great Expectations: What the NIH & NSF Want
    Your Plan to Look Like
  • Archiving Your Data the Right Way
  • Data Management Plan FAQs
  • And much more!

Report format: PDF version. 

Purchase the pack for $259 $149. 

60-Minute On-Demand Webinar:

Data Management Plans for Successful NIH and NSF Grants
(a $197 value)

During this 60-minute how-to webinar, your expert presenter will offer data management alternatives to consider before you begin your proposed research, specify what should be included and provide strategies for overcoming data management issues.

Key take-aways include:

  • The types of data to be “managed,”
    including trials, samples, physical collections, software, curriculum materials and other materials produced during the funded project
  • The format standards you should use for data and metadata
  • Data management requirements for collaborative and or interdisciplinary proposals
  • Shaping your data management plan to meet reviewers’ expectations

On-demand webinar format: CD, MP4 or PDF transcript.

Purchase the pack for $259 $149.


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