Principal Investigators Association


The Principal Investigators Association (PIA) is an independent organization created for professionals just like you! Our mission is to create a sharing network and community among scientists in all fields of research.

Studies reveal that PIs must spend up to half of each day carrying out the many managerial and administrative duties they have as a result of being research leaders. These include such responsibilities as garnering financial support, supervising lab staff, mentoring graduate and postgraduate students, teaching, writing papers, serving on committees, etc.

PIs have excellent training in their chosen scientific research fields. At the same time, few have ever received, or continue to receive, training in carrying out their numerous NON-SCIENCE roles-which are required no matter where one’s investigative interests lie. Thus, PIA provides information and expert advice to researchers in all scientific fields to assist with their managerial and administrative obligations.

PIA communicates and promotes best practices and continuing professional education for garnering financial support and optimally using monetary, material, and personnel resources.

Ultimately, with our help and the help of your fellow researchers, you will increase the scope, efficiency, and productivity of your scientific inquiry.

Principal Investigators Association