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R15 AREA Grants: How to Determine Your Eligibility & Write a Winning Proposal

Instructional Pack: Executive Report + On-Demand Webinar

The Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA), also know as the R15, is a highly-competitive (but attainable) grant for supporting hands-on student involvement in research. For the R15, composing a winning proposal is only half the battle – you’ll need to do some work upfront to determine your eligibility for the grant.  

With only 26% of new applications getting approved, you have to do everything possible to stand out from the crowd and convince the NIH you are worthy. 

Inside this instructional pack you will get all the specifics of R15 grants to help you decide whether or not you qualify, what to include and exclude in your application, the importance of contacting the appropriate IC personnel, and much more. Plus, follow these insider tips to ensure you include the specific criteria reviewers are looking for.

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Executive Report — R15
AREA Grants:
How to Determine Your Eligibility & Write a Winning Proposal (a $199 value)

The R15 award is very competitive, but for good reason. As you’re going through the steps toward submitting an AREA application, always keep in mind that this is a research grant, not a teaching grant. The R15 is not for all projects — or for all investigators. So be sure to double-check your eligibility for the R15 grant before you start the application process.

The three main goals of the R15 grant clearly endeavor to encourage students to continue their interests in biomedical research, subsequently becoming talented investigators themselves in the future.

Inside this 20+ page special report, you will find expert advice for:

  • Check Your Eligibility & Prepare Before You Apply (pg. 6)
  • Win the R15: Compose a Perfect Proposal (pg. 11)
  • NIH Key Contacts for R15s (pg. 16)
  • R15 FAQs (pg. 20)

Report format: PDF version.

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60-Minute On-Demand Webinar: 
Academic Research Enhancement Award (R15) Grants
(a $197 value)

Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) Grants – (R15) support small research projects in the biomedical and behavioral sciences which have not been major recipients of NIH research funds. The grants are intended to provide a small amount of funding so students can get hands-on research experience.

Because the R15 mechanism is rather unconventional with small budgets, crafting a clever and highly focused proposal that is seen as achievable becomes the key to an R15 success.

Key take-aways include:

  • Creating a highly focused application that will win R15s
  • How to interact with program official for guidance while preparing the application
  • How to write your budget
  • Managing time-lines and deadlines effectively
  • Responding to initial critiques and summary statement
  • And more!

On-demand webinar format: CD, MP4 or PDF transcript.

Purchase the pack for $199 $149.

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