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Like most other grantors, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has specific instructions on how you should develop, write and submit your proposals. Perhaps the most important elements that the NSF wants to see in your proposals are the merit-review criteria developed by the National Science Board (NSB).

Addressing Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts in your NSF grant application is the crucial element to drafting not only a proposal that reviewers will view favorably, but also one that the agency won’t return to you without even reviewing it.

This executive report has been designed to help you better understand — and more successfully complete — the Project Summary, Intellectual Merit and Broader Impact portions of your NSF grant proposal.

Gain how-to advice and insider tactics on:

  • Drive Home Your Project’s Importance and Scope With Your Project Summary — Here’s How (pg. 9)
  • Keep Intellectual Merit Front-and-Center (pg. 11)
  • Describe ‘Broader Impact’ Artfully — And Make It Your Theme (pg. 15)
  • Understand the NSF Review Process to Get a Leg Up (pg. 19)
  • Top 6 Tips for NSF Proposal Success (pg. 21)
  • FAQs: NSF Proposals and Merit Review (pg. 23)

Limited-Time Offer: Purchase this Special Report in digital (PDF) format at the special rate of $99 (reg. price $199). For a print version, please add $20 more.

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