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Overcome 17 Challenges of Ensuring Lab Animal Welfare With This Expert Advice.

If you’re involved in, or concerned with, the proper treatment of laboratory animals, these tips, tactics and advice will help you bolster your compliance with pertinent rules and regulations. .

Each chapter of this new report, Expert Advice on 17 Challenges in Assuring Laboratory Animal Welfare, focuses on a critical animal-welfare issue—care, handling and research. You’ll find answers to troublesome, real-world situations including:

  • Dealing with aggressive behavior (page 8)
  • Verifying rodent health accurately (page 22)
  • Managing pain and the potential need for euthanasia (pages 27-29)
  • Determining whether research can continue when an animal is injured (page 41)
  • And much more!

Limited-Time Offer: Purchase this Special Report in digital (PDF) format at the special rate of $99 (reg. price $199). For a print version, please add $20 more.

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