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According to the Foundation Center, giving by foundations increased 1.8 percent to an estimated $41.67 billion in 2011 (in comparison to 2010), while giving by corporations held steady in 2011 totaling $14.55 billion. Additionally, giving by individuals, bequest, and family foundations amounted to 88 percent of total givings in 2011 totaling over $240 billion in contributions. These are very generous numbers considering our slow economic growth.

Get your share of this billion dollar pie by applying the expert tactics found inside this educational toolkit! You will gain expert strategies to effectively “sell” your research, key tactics to help you expand your funding, insider secrets to help you stay one step ahead of the competition, and much more!

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Your Foundation and Corporate Funding Toolkit
Includes ALL of the following:
On-Demand Webinar:
Family Foundations:
A Rising Force for
Research Funding
(a $197 value)

Most PIs seeking private funding focus their efforts on Gates and other “mega foundations.” The problem with this is that the playing field for these entities is very crowded. With federal funding shrinking and large foundations narrowing their focus, what is a PI to do?

A better strategy may be to focus on smaller foundations that are more accessible. Family foundations typically have more informal proposal structures, and are more easily adaptable to new initiatives and programs.

During this eye-opening Webinar, your expert presenter John Greenhoe, CFRE, will lead a fast paced discussion outlining the advantages of pursuing small foundation funding, and highlighting best practices for obtaining investments from this rising philanthropic force.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Understand the Advantages of Targeting Small Foundations for Your Research
  • Cultivation Techniques, Similar to Working with an Individual Donor, That Lead to Success
  • How to Take Full Advantage of the Flexibility that Many Small Foundations Offer in Covering “Unfundable” Research Costs
  • Thorough Understanding of the Missions of Small Foundations, and Crafting Proposals Accordingly
  • Stewardship Practices that Can Result in Ongoing Funding Success After the Initial Gift is Received

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On-Demand Webinar:
The Quest for Foundation and Private Funding:
3 Key Strategies
Every PI Should Know 

(a $197 value)

Simple steps that you normally take for granted such as preparing yourself for a quick phone call to introduce and sell yourself to the Program Officer, organizing your thought process, capturing and packaging your scientific ideas to deliver your best shot, and actively volunteering to serve in grant review committees will go a long way in positioning yourself for successful grant solicitation.

Whether you’ve had limited success landing foundation and corporate grants, or are going after one for the first time, join our expert presenter, Cesar V. Borlongan, PhD, as he reveals the do’s and don’t’s of foundation and private funding solicitation, provides strategies for selling yourself and your research, and details which actionable steps to take based on his own experiences.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Why you should focus on foundations in your geographic region
  • How to sell yourself, and your research effectively
  • What to include when crafting a short speech
  • Tactics to help you catch the interest of foundation and corporate representatives
  • Why being part of the peer review process is a smart move

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On-Demand Webinar:
Mining for Gold:
Acquire and Retain
Foundation Funding
(a $197 value)

Join Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) John Greenhoe, as he provides an insightful tour of the independent foundation world including the best ways to cultivate and solicit grant money from the private sector. He will discuss proven methods for building relationships with a variety of foundation funding sources. You will learn how to approach independent foundations, how to write letters of inquiry, and how to follow up. Greenhoe will help you develop a process so you tap into the private sector and ultimately establish lasting and fulfilling partnerships.

Key Webinar Take-Aways

  • Learn where to look for private sector funding, what to do next
  • Proven tactics to make the initial approach
  • Strategies to cultivate different types of
  • Implementation process to establish the lasting and fulfilling partnerships
  • Acquire and Retain More Funding!

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On-Demand Webinar:
Successfully Tapping
New Sources for
Research Funding
(a $197 value)

Principal Investigators Association has teamed grant and funding expert, Tia Cavender to discuss strategies for diversifying your funding sources. We will provide examples of successful funding plans that involved a variety of funders (government, private and corporate support). During this webinar, you will learn ways to think creatively about stakeholders and how they can help fund your projects.

Tips to diversify your funding base include:

  • New Funding Sources. Standard funding sources are more competitive than ever. Are you identifying alternative sources?
  • Plan for the unexpected.Make sure you have enough funding to cover unexpected costs.
  • More sources, more discretion. Multiple funding sources allow for more discretion with how you spend your funds. Do you know exactly how you can spend your grant money?
  • And more!

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On-Demand Webinar:
How to Expand Your Research Funding Niche in a Tough Economy 
(a $197 value)

With the NIH and the NSF approving less than 30% of the grant applications they receive, scientists must look at other alternatives. Yet additional funding may not be easy to identify, especially when your time is so limited. Accelerate your search and expand your funding niche by applying the expert strategies you will receive during this live Webinar. With 30 funded proposals under his belt, your expert presenter can help you streamline your search for more funding, strengthen your assessment tactics for potential agencies and identify the best ones to pursue.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Strategies for identifying funding alternatives
    during an economic downturn
  • Growing and developing your research funding
  • Recognizing the power of agency evaluation and networking
  • Dovetailing your research interests with the appropriate funding agency(ies)
  • How-to tactics to increase your funding chances

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Executive Report: 
The Ultimate Guide to Foundation Funding

(a $149 value)

Gaining the interest—and financial backing—of a foundation can be a challenge. Even the most promising research project will be rejected if presented in the wrong way. That’s why knowing how to “sell” your research to foundations is important.

Inside this 32-pg executive report you will find proven tactics for:

  • Knowing What Private Funders Want (pg. 6)
  • Timing is Everything: When to Apply (pg. 7)
  • The Role of a ‘Gatekeeper’ in Your Search for Funding (pg. 9)
  • How to Write a Strong Letter (or Email) of Inquiry (pg. 14)
  • Formal Meetings with Foundations: Making a
    Good Impression (pg. 17)
  • Become a Peer Reviewer (pg. 21)
  • Attending Foundation Events: The Importance of Networking (pg. 22)
  • Use the Media to Your Advantage (pg. 29)
  • Make the Most of Your Institution’s Resource
    (pg. 32)
  • And more!

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