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Knowledge Management for Research Institutions: A Key Ingredient to Innovation and
New Product Creation

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Research Institutions are critical to innovation and new product creation. The speed to market for new products are essential to stay ahead of your competitors. Knowledge Management (KM) plays a central role not only from the perspective of innovation by knowing what has been done and/or what is being done in other areas of research that can be utilized, but also from the collaboration and knowledge sharing among researchers contributing to the speed of new products to market.

At its core the nature of research is to nurture open access to extensive amounts of tacit knowledge (knowledge within the minds of people) and explicit knowledge (knowledge that is written down) by applying a model that reflects the natural flow of knowledge. The model of Connect – Collect – Reuse and Learn depicts a knowledge flow model that supports KM within research institutions and R&D functions within organizations. For KM to work within a research environment (as with other environments) a culture and structure that supports, rewards and proves the value KM can bring will encourage the continued use and adoption of the KM practice.

In addition the choice of IT tools (which is of secondary importance) should be brought into the organization to automate the knowledge flow and its associated process. The KM tool(s) must support KM goals/strategies, provide a means to connect, collect, catalog, access, and reuse tacit and explicit knowledge. In addition the KM tool(s) must capture new learning to share across the organization, and provide search and retrieval mechanisms to bring pertinent knowledge to the user.

This insightful Webinar will cover the KM strategy, techniques, best practices and application of KM necessary for research institutions to innovate more effectively and shorten the time to bring new products to market.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • KM Research Strategy
  • Tips and Techniques for Knowledge Sharing
  • Tips and Techniques to Stimulate Innovation
  • Tips, Techniques and Tools for Capturing, Cataloging and Reusing Research Specific Knowledge (Tacit and Explicit)
  • Specific KM Initiatives to Get Quickly Started Using KM in Your Research Efforts

Who Should Attend:

Research Analyst, Principle Investigators, Research Managers, Scientist Research Professors, Personnel actively (or will be) involved in research initiatives.


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Dr. Anthony J Rhem, PhD. is an Information Systems professional with thirty (30) years of experience and since 1990 has served as President/Principle Consultant of A.J. Rhem & Associates, Inc a privately held consulting firm focusing on Knowledge Management, Information Systems Integration and Training located in Chicago, Illinois. As a Principal Investigator, Dr. Rhem has been awarded a SBIR phase I grant and has participated in several research projects playing an integral role in successfully commercializing software methodologies, and software products.

As a Knowledge Management (KM) consultant Dr. Rhem has worked with fortune 500 corporations in retail, insurance, communications, financial, and the military (US Army and US Air Force) in implementing Knowledge Management programs, policies and solutions. As a KM Instructor for the Knowledge Management Institute, Dr. Rhem has trained hundreds of personnel across many commercial, government and military agencies in the principles, practice and application of KM. As a professor at the Knowledge Systems Institute (KSI) Dr. Rhem has designed a series of Knowledge Management courses and delivered instruction within KSI’s Computer Science Masters program.

In addition Dr. Rhem currently serves as the Director of Research Programs at the Knowledge Systems Institute and serves as a member of the National Science Foundation SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Review Panel. Dr. Rhem is an active presenter at KM conferences, and continues to write articles, books and converse in KM through his blog (The Knowledge Management Depot).

This Webinar presentation is brought to you as a training tool by the Principal Investigators Association, which is an independent organization. The presentation, tools presented and their contents are not connected with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), nor are they endorsed by this agency. All views expressed are those personally held by the presenter and are not official government policies or opinions.

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