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Research, Safety, and Ethical Issues Involving Children and Adolescents

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There are many conceptual, ethical and safety issues (including bioethical issues) when conducting research with children and adolescents. A major challenge is to ensure advances are achieved in a way that maximizes the benefits, offers special protection for children and adolescents and respects both parental authority and the developing autonomy of minors.
In this information-packed Webinar, your expert presenter will be discussing the importance of incorporating the concept of “safety nets” and the utilization of evidence-based interventions to promote the psycho-social-emotional, mental, and physical well-being of children and adolescents involved in empirical-based studies. In addition, the rights of children and adolescents or minors and parents in regards to the role of informed consent and assent. Similarly, the safety and ethical issues associated with domestic and international research will be discussed in relations to children and adolescents. Your presenter will also discuss the roles and responsibilities of scientists and researchers in protecting children and adolescents (youth) involved in research.
Further, issues associated with longitudinal and internet-based research studies involving children and adolescents (youth) who have been deemed “at-risk” will be addressed from the research, safety, and ethical stance. Moreover, ethical issues involving concepts such as: voluntary or informed decisions, principles of growth and development, cultural competency, privacy, and noted bioethical issues. Likewise, this Webinar will include discussion points outlining reporting and monitoring of adverse effects. Finally, this presentation will address the importance of education for all participants involved in conducting empirical studies with children and adolescents.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Importance of efficacious and evidence-based randomized clinical trials designed specifically for children and adolescents
  • Utilization of the principles relating to growth and development
  • Roles and responsibilities of scientists and researchers in conducting empirical studies involving children and adolescents
  • The need for education of research team, parents and participants in an effort to assist with the overall success of the empirical study involving children and adolescents
  • Developing and incorporating the concept of “safety nets” in empirical studies involving children and adolescents

Who Should Attend:

Scientists, researchers, health care professionals or providers, academicians, and students.

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Meet Your Presenter:

Dr. Clarissa Agee Shavers, D. N. Sc., has been the Principal Investigator and Program Director of The Safer Tomorrows: Injury Prevention and Violence Reduction Project since 1995 and has published and presented empirical findings relating to exposures to various forms of violence and trauma among children and adolescents locally, state, nationally and internationally. Dr. Shavers’s holds a Doctorate in Nursing Science and is a TRECOS Fellow (Training Researchers in Community-based Settings. Similarly, Dr. Shavers’ is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified and practices in the State of Michigan.

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