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Making Every Minute Count:
How PIs Can Fit 28
Hours Into
24 Hour Day

 By gaining 1 extra hour each day, you will add up to 6 extra
weeks of productive working time a year!

PIs rank time management as one of their top concerns inside and outside the lab, and they agree that this skill is critical to their success. With this Time Management Toolkit for Scientists, you gain an instant resource, packed with time management how-to advice and best practices you can implement right away. Conquer the time wasters that are slowing you down and make every minute count. Plus! You can train your entire team for one low rate. Order today!

This Toolkit includes 5 must-have informational products that will help you overcome your toughest time management challenges: 

1. Special Report
Making Every Minute Count: How PIs Can Fit 28 Hours Into a 24 Hour Day ($197 value): Get back to your research by finding the right balance between your daily to-do’s and effective time management. This digital report includes more than 45 pages of expert tips to gain control over your day. Learn more.

2. Special Report
Research Lab Management Challenges and Solutions
($199 value): Lab management challenges can come in many forms — from disruptive and manipulating staff to slow performers and low productivity. Yet in many cases, your own management style could be the culprit behind an unhappy team — without you realizing it. As a PI, identifying potential problems in your lab early on is only half the battle. Learn more.

3. Reference Card 
50 Time Management Tactics for PIs 
($49 value): PIs are busy professionals. But with some expert guidance on how to partition your work day more effectively, you can find time to get through those pesky tasks and get back in the lab to do what you do best! Learn More.

4. On-Demand Webinar 
Making Every Minute Count: How to Fit 28 Hours into a 24-Hour Day!
 ($197 value): Time management is critical to the success of any scientist. You must manage your lab, write grant applications and do research — all in the same day. Learn the valuable methods and tips to gaining control over your day from a time management expert. Choose from 3 formats: CD, MP4 or PDF transcript. Learn more.

5. On-Demand Webinar 
The Art of Delegating: Creating a More Productive Laboratory Environment
 ($197 value): In this insightful webinar, you’ll learn the key to successful delegation. Done effectively, delegating not only frees you to complete other tasks, but also gives your team the autonomy they need to challenge themselves. Choose from 3 formats: CD, MP4 or PDF transcript. Learn more. 


 Complimentary Special Report with Your Order!***

Order your toolkit by April 30th and get a complimentary copy of PIA’s special report The Art of Delegating: Create a More Productive Lab Environment (a $129 value). The art of delegating goes hand-in-hand with the art of leadership. If you can master the art of delegating, you’ll achieve greater success in your lab, as well as personal career success. Further, you’ll help your lab workers reach greater successes in their own careers.

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