Fact: 83% of SBIR & STTR Grant Applications Are Unfunded. Increase Your Funding Chances with This How-to Resource.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants are tailored to specific projects with an eye toward commercialization. The most important aspect to SBIR and STTR is that they’re not research programs — they’re economic development programs. 

If you are currently thinking of pursuing either one of these grants, this webinar series is perfect for you. Not only will it help you decide if you’re headed in the right direction, but it will show you how to overcome any obstacles that get in your way.  

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Federal SBIR and STTR: Are These the Right Grants for You? (a $197 value)

As popular as they are, SBIR and STTR grants are not right for every applicant. As a matter of fact, NIH awards funding to only 1 in 9 applications. Further, the agency rejects many applications because the projects are not the type that usually receives such funding. 

Don’t waste your time applying for grants that aren’t suitable for you. First, find out if SBIR and STTR are right for your project, and if so, learn the steps you need to follow before preparing your next application.

Key Webinar Take-Aways:

  • Separate the basic truths from the many myths that surround SBIR/STTR
  • Learn to accurately evaluate your probability for failure vs. success under these programs
  • Understand the differences between “competitive” applications and those that are simply “compliant”
  • Recognize important deal breakers — not just nuances that come into play with the agency
  • Discover resources available to support your serious efforts to pursue SBIR/STTR funding

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On-Demand Webinar: 

SBIR Proposal Structure 
for Academic Investigators

(a $197 value)

Although university faculty researchers are typically not the PIs on SBIR proposals, a strong knowledge of this type of proposal’s structure is important when collaborating with a small business. SBIR grants are highly competitive—only one in nine is awarded funding—and they are not right for every PI. Nonetheless, academic investigators play a crucial role in successful SBIR grants. In fact, some choose to start their own companies with SBIR funds.

This eye-opening Webinar will highlight the overall proposal structure, identify topics covered, explain ways to cross the academic-corporate cultural divide, and describe the NIH timeline. Whether you intend to start your own company or significantly expand your research funding with SBIR, you can gain the knowledge you need to make the decision to participate.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • The methods academics can use to tap into SBIR
  • Transition from academic research to the private sector
  • The proposal’s point of view
  • Academic/corporate cultural issues
  • Topic choice and alignment to the NIH solicitation

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On-Demand Webinar: 

The Secrets of SBIR Cost Proposal: How to project the Right Indirect Rate (a $197 value)

Don’t ignore critical aspects of the SBIR cost proposal. Too often, PIs spend hundreds of hours on the technical section of their SBIR proposal while ignoring critical aspects of the cost portion. Researchers typically give only passing consideration to indirect cost recovery through the grant process. Consequently, research is financially leveraged more than need be, and/or it sacrifices precious equity at a stage when it has little market value.

Legitimate indirect costs can be “recovered”. Indirect costs are not an option for PIs committed to successful innovations. These costs must be incurred and paid in order to nurture innovation and develop the infrastructure needed to execute your research.

Here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover in this dynamic session:

  • Hard Caps vs. Soft Cost Caps
  • How to find additional resources and tools - Frequently Free!
  • The Multiplier: How much do you charge for $1 paid for labor?
  • Labor Utilization Rate: The most important factor in projecting your costs!
  • Strategies to get objective benchmarking on your specific cost proposal

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On-Demand Webinar: 

SBIR Strategies: Academic 
Partners and University 
(a $197 value)

The academic and business worlds can benefit greatly by working together and SBIR Phase I and Phase II proposals facilitate collaboration between research institutions and small businesses. In addition, many universities and economic development organizations have specific programs and financial assistance to encourage entrepreneurship. Academic researchers can serve as consultants on small business grants, or entire labs can subcontract to small businesses.

This Webinar will reveal what you need to know prior to entering an SBIR proposal as a consultant or collaborator, including how to manage your institution’s approach to intellectual property and conflict of interest issues.

5 Key Take-Aways:

  • Specific task and duty assignments to academic collaborators
  • Financial level at which you or you lab can participate
  • Ways to find the entrepreneurial enterprise within your university
  • Best methods for handling conflict of interest issues
  • Managing research performed at the university site and a company site

Order the series for $249.     
Order this webinar only for $129.

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